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Recent client testimonials

I struggle with anxiety and was stuck in a low paying job that I hated. Kerin was compassionate and understanding from our first meeting. I have only been to a few sessions with her but have seen so much progress in myself. I am practicing vulnerability, getting in touch with what I want and improving communication in my romantic and friend relationships. I am also leaving my job to serve in a high ranking administrative position. Kerin would say that I did all these things, but she gave me permission to be myself and that is powerful thing.  (Ft. Worth, TX)

Dr. Kerin Groves demonstrates all the good qualities anyone can ask for. She actively listens and allows people to feel vulnerable, be seen, be heard, and be understood. She guides people into the clarity that they desire. Whether you are facing a roadblock in your personal life, school, work, a big life change, grief, or in your relationships, you will truly benefit from one of her sessions.  (Washington, DC)

Dr. Groves is an AMAZING individual that truly listens and wants to help you with your goals. She has coached me through some issues and concerns with her knowledge and tools in a very welcoming and professional style! Dr. Groves is an outstanding individual that I have the privilege to work with.  (Corinth, TX)

My experience with Kerin Groves was forever a life changing event. I went to her as a broken man that was running from his past and not confronting it. Kerin has elevated and motivated me to a point in life that I really thought two years ago would never be possible. I have a short list of people that have molded and shaped my life in such a positive way and Im happy to say Kerin is one of them.  (Flower Mound, TX)

Folks around us don't listen. Dr. Groves listens well. Her questions penetrate and are insightful. Very helpful. Can't recommend highly enough.  (Lewisville, TX)

I landed a job! It was on my list of companies that are within a short commute from my home, because I learned from our sessions that a convenient commute was important to me. My new job is not in my prior field, but I wanted to apply for it anyway as a way to get into a growing company. A week or so after the phone interview, I interviewed with three managers. I was offered the job the day after I interviewed, and two weeks after I completed all paperwork and had the drug test, I received the formal job offer. I'm learning something new that interests me, I'll be with a growing company with an easy commute and the chance to pursue other career paths, and although I took a slight salary cut, my starting salary is not much less than what I was making when I left my previous job after 20 years. I want to sincerely thank you for our sessions. I don't think I would have had the confidence to speak with a recruiter if I still lacked self confidence, and I also impressed the three managers during the in-person interview, so having self confidence helped me. All of them asked why I wanted to move away from my former career field; I told them that customer service - helping people - was one part of that field I had truly enjoyed, and that I'd enjoy helping their clients too.  That's something I learned during our sessions. Thank you again. (Southlake, TX)