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About Me

Why do I coach?

From a young age, I was deeply curious about why people do what they do, and why they don't do what they don't do. It became my life's work: today, I'm an expert in human behavior and communication, specializing in helping people enjoy their careers and their relationships.

What are my credentials?

My training far exceeds that of most coaches, who may have only taken a brief online class before trying to sell you their services. I earned a Bachelor's degree and a Master of Science from the University of North Texas, and a PhD from Texas A&M University in Commerce. I am state licensed and nationally certified as an advanced-level professional counselor. 

Why choose me?

Experience counts when selecting a coach!  No youngster can provide what real life wisdom brings. You can trust my wrinkles and my resume. As an award-winning, degreed expert in the social sciences, I have over 25 years of experience consulting with individuals and groups on workplace and personal challenges. 

Coaching and consulting: Dr. Groves at work


I am a professional coach, career counselor, management consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and social science researcher. I guide individual clients in making career changes, coach managers on their leadership skills, teach work teams to overcome interpersonal challenges, and consult with organizations through advising and research projects.


My office is in the northern Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. But I work anywhere, including internationally, by travel and phone and web.


Question of the month: What's your most embarrassing moment? Mine was spilling acid all over my stomach in 8th grade chemistry class. It melted the front of my pants so I had to strip down in my (male) teacher's supply closet. and put on somebody's abandoned gym shorts from the lost and found box.


With individual career coaching, my approach goes beyond personality assessments, job lists, resume writing, interviewing skills, and other Things You Can Get For Free On The Internet. I help clients put all the pieces together in a meaningful way to move toward work that aligns with their financial needs, their life season, and their personal values.


My own career path has taken me from forklift driver and trash collector, to psychotherapist and college professor, to professional consultant and coach. With a lot of interesting work in between.


I live with my husband (The Nicest Man On The Planet) and my dog and cat. I am a mom of two adult children and a grandma of one. I love music, books, plants, mountains, and an occasional nap. I am a middle child, I have a great sense of humor, and I am a Christian. My favorite drink is iced tea, unsweetened, and I am famous for my herb-rubbed Thanksgiving turkey.