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Consulting and Research

Career Coach Denton TX Dr. Kerin Groves

Dr. Groves leverages her expertise in human behavior and communication when consulting with individuals, organizations, and teams. Her approach is positive, realistic, practical, and strengths-based. As a management consultant, she helps organizations cope with changes and crises including merger/acquisition, scandal, executive death, natural disaster, bankruptcy,  or other critical seasons. With leadership development, she conducts 360-degree interviews and gives practical feedback as well as ongoing coaching to support positive change. She also advises struggling work teams on how to better relate, debate, and communicate. In addition, Dr. Groves provides customized training workshops, seminars, and educational courses that blend relevant psychological principles with healthy business practices.

As a researcher, Dr. Groves conducts data collection and analysis projects for nonprofits, health care delivery systems, schools and universities, corporations, small businesses, and government agencies. Her areas of expertise include aging, mental health, domestic violence, higher education, and career development. 

For a sneak peek at some of her social science research projects, check out the Research page.

Career Coaching

Career Coach Denton TX Dr. Kerin Groves

Are you searching for meaning and purpose in your career? Are you restless and ready for a change? Do you have pressure from supervisors to modify your interaction style at work? Is there a high turnover rate or employee disengagement because of a problematic work culture? Is transitioning into a new field more difficult than you expected? Do you dream of starting your own business? Are you planning to retire but don't want to be bored? 

As a career coach, Dr. Groves believes you don't have to figure out what you'll do for the rest of your life - just what you'll do NEXT. She advises clients using customized interventions, not canned curriculums. 

  • Career path changes
  • Small business ownership, self-employment, & entrepreneurship
  • Leadership skill enhancement
  • Managing workplace changes
  • International workers / students, ex-offenders, older workers, and others with career barriers
  • ​New college graduates
  • Stress management, coping skills, and work/life balance
  • Spirituality and values conflicts
  • ​Adjusting to transitions: layoff, divorce, empty nest, aging, widowhood, or retirement
  • Specializing in older adults and military & law enforcement

Speaking and Training

Career Coach Denton TX Dr. Kerin Groves

Planners for conferences, retreats, conventions, meetings, and training events can contact Dr. Groves for speaking engagements. She is a lively, engaging speaker who has taught at colleges and universities and has spoken to small and large audiences including corporations, professional associations, trade groups, government agencies, nonprofits, courts, women's groups, churches, schools, social clubs, and community groups. She creates tailored presentations on career issues, successful aging, relationship enhancement, psychological resilience, communication, spiritual growth, and group cohesion. 


Popular speaking topics:

  • How to Make Yourself Miserable at Work
  • The Inner Entrepreneur
  • Flow: The Spiritual Side of Work
  • Change Management in Business
  • Your Career: Soul Food or Junk Food?
  • The First 50 Years of Marriage are the Hardest
  • Thriving in the Second Half of Marriage
  • What's Next? College, Military, Trades, or Entrepreneurship
  • Cultivating Resilience in Youth
  • Relationship Enhancement for First Responders
  • Peak Performance: Work/Life Balance for First Responders


Career Coach Denton TX Dr. Kerin Groves

Dr. Groves authored or quoted in the media:

Helping families cope with cancer. December 2018, Counseling Today (the magazine of the American Counseling Association): https://ct.counseling.org/2018/11/helping-families-cope-with-cancer/

Counseling for grief and loss: ​​Walking with clients through their final days. November 2016, Counseling Today:

Scaling Client Walls: Resistance. January 2015, Counseling Today:

Two sections in the book Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities for the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders. 2015, American Counseling Association.

Speaking Audiences

Career Coach Denton TX Dr. Kerin Groves

  • American Counseling Association
  • Texas Counseling Association
  • Texas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • New Mexico Counseling Association
  • Christian Counselors of Texas, North Dallas Chapter
  • University of North Texas
  • Texas A&M University at Commerce
  • Dallas County Community Colleges
  • University of New Mexico
  • NM Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Sanctuary Zone battered women's services
  • 2nd Judicial District Court - NM
  • NM Department of Aging
  • NM Child Protective Services
  • NM Adult Protective Services
  • NM Children, Youth, and Families Department 
  • Teen Court - Torrance County, NM
  • NM Medical Review Association
  • NM Council on Problem Gambling
  • New Mexico DWI Coordinators Symposium
  • Samaritan Center for Healthy Families
  • Denton Noon Kiwanis